This is the version history for SSBMCraft as of Summer 2012.

0.1.7 Alpha

This was the first version to be released to the public. There were only 4 characters: Link, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Falco. Final Destination was the only stage.

0.1.8 Alpha

Removed Captain Falcon and Falco. Added 3 stages: Yoshi's Island, Flat Zone, and Onett.

0.1.9 Alpha

Added Jungle Japes. Added Mario.

0.2.0 Alpha

Added Yoshi, but due to bugs, he sets the entire stage on fire, making it really laggy.

0.2.1 Alpha

Removed Yoshi. Added Kongo Jungle, Brinstar, and Brinstar Depths.

0.2.2 Alpha

Added Kongo Jungle 64, Green Greens, and Bazinga (Unused character)

0.2.3 Alpha

Added Battlefield.

0.2.4 Alpha

Added flower pots to Onett.