Link (nyancat49) is the server owner. He is the one who shut down the server.

Character description Edit

Link is nyancat49. His weapons are:

Stone Sword (sword)

Bow (attacks players from far distance)

Arrow (not used, only to shoot at players)

In the server preview by The Giga Videos. He is seen fighting C. Falcon and Falco. His PvP skill is about 76/100.

Trivia Edit

If you look in his skin file, one of his heads is faceless, the other is with a face.

He gets a Jump Boost on Brinstar Depths.

On April 4, 2013. Nyancat49 has quit Minecraft. Because of this, SSBMCraft was shut down.

Version history Edit

0.1.7 Alpha: Added Link.

0.2.4 Alpha: Link has jump boost on Brinstar Depths.