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Jungle Japes

Jungle Japes is the 3rd stage to be made on the server.

Stage description Edit

It is a very very very small map with Cranky Kong and the Barrel Hut for taking a crap in, with a jungle background in it. If a player touches the water, it's instant death, similar to the lava in Brinstar and Brinstar Depths.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only stage where you HAVE to use your fist.
  • Doing a match on this stage can be less than 15 seconds due to you having to use your fist.
  • If you take a crap in the barrel hut, the whole stage will be stained.
  • There is a secret Redstone Torch if you use a X-Ray texture pack. Tested with Nodus. The reason why it is there is unknown.
  • This is the only stage that has a special purpose, Stained Jungle Japes.