This is for every glitch on the server that appears or can be pulled off. Some of them are easier to pull off with Nodus.

Warp Pipe Camp Glitch Edit

There is a glitch if you jump over the gap without the yellow platforms, the AIs will always stay in the pipe, no matter what.

Black Sky Edit

In Flat Zone, the sky is black if you look up at it, but it's not night time.

Burn Level Glitch Edit

If one uses Yoshi to attack, the level will set on fire and everyone will die. This no longer happens, since Yoshi was removed.

Brinstar Depths Teleport Glitch Edit

If you use Nodus to be invincible, go under the stage, jump into the lava. You will teleport when you are about to touch the wall.

Disappearing Jungle Glitch Edit

If you go to Kongo Jungle and jump on the rock. Half the jungle will disappear.

Lag Glitch Edit

In 0.2.1 alpha, Brinstar was extremely laggy, causing Melees to be impossible.

Fus-Ro-DAH! glitch Edit

If you left click on Link's bow, people will go flying back.

Scaredy Mario Edit

If you go against Mario, attack him, he will always run off, comes to attack you, runs off again. If you chase him, he won't attack.

Trivia Edit

For the burning level glitch, fire spreads every 0.50 seconds.